Vinyl Flooring

Buying Tips for Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is exciting again!
New innovations like ToughGuard backing from Armstrong help cushion vinyl floors resist tearing. Another innovation from Armstrong is their MasterWorks technology which allows for the most realistic visuals ever in vinyl sheet goods. Add to that a No-Wax finish and you’ve got a great-looking floor that is as easy to care for as it is to look at!

Most printed cushion vinyl products are available 12 ft wide and can offer seamless installation.

In recent years, backing materials have been affected by back staining. Ask for newer backings like Armstrong’s ToughGuard, which are designed to resist back staining.

Armstrong’s residential sheet flooring offers no-wax performance and a wide variety of colors and patterns–more than any other flooring product. Printed-on products will offer the widest assortment. Some commercially-rated inlaid products require waxing.

Generally speaking, cushion flooring is the most economical of all flooring choices.

Some products are designed to help you reduce subfloor preparation costs
Vinyl flooring installation demands properly prepared subflooring. When vinyl flooring is installed with a full spread of adhesive over a poorly prepared subfloor, irregularities can telegraph through to the surface. Products designed for perimeter-glued installation will greatly reduce the effects of subfloor irregularities while lowering subfloor preparation costs. In fact, many of these products can be installed over your existing flooring.

Special Considerations when choosing sheet vinyl flooring
Asphalt staining or dragging heavy objects across the floor can result in permanent damage to vinyl surfaces. Care should be taken to prevent damage to your new vinyl floor: use felt protectors on chair legs, table legs, and other heavy furniture. Rolling furniture is hard on ALL flooring surfaces: casters should be in good condition. Mats with rubber or latex backing should be avoided.

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